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Placement Test


The winter semester 2021 placement test for Erstis of Anglistik will take place on Friday 15th of October at 10:00. The test will be administered with Moodle, and monitored via Zoom.

Access details are as follows:

Moodle platform: PLACEMENT TEST 2021 (in Anglistik/Amerikanistik, under Hurford, N. )
Moodle password (for self enrollment): AAPT21

Please self-enroll as soon as possible. The Zoom invitation will be sent to all self-enrolled students during the week starting on 11th October.

Kindly note that this test must be taken by all Anglistik Erstis as an administrative requirement connected with your Grammar 1 credits. The score obtained in the test will be of a strictly diagnostic value only, and even a fail will have no practical consequences for your study programme.

It is important that you check this space from time to time for any updates.

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