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  • Release of a New Issue of the E-Journal DIEGESIS
    A new issue of Wuppertal’s narratological e-journal DIEGESIS has been released. Issue 8.1 is a... [mehr]
  • Das PrimA Programm leistet einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Internationalisierung der Lehrerbildung
    Pressemitteilung [mehr]
  • PrimA! School placement abroad.
    Information session for school placements abroad, organized jointly by Prof. Diehr and the... [mehr]
  • Prüfungstermine C1 MAP im laufenden SoSe 19
    ACHTUNG, vorgezogene Prüfungstermine C1 MAP: Sollten Sie die C1 MAP im laufenden SoSe 19 ablegen... [mehr]
  • Be Prepared! Kolloquium Fachdidaktik
    Posterinfo [mehr]
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Prof. Dr. Katharina Rennhak

Current PhD-Projects

  • Becker, Daniel. On the Threshold of Memory: National History and Liminality in Contemporary Irish Poetry.
  • Hanrahan, Anna. Narrating Irish Identity in Celtic Tiger Drama.
  • Kerski, Eva. The Representation of Family Concepts in Post-Conflict Irish Drama.
  • Preuss, Lukas. Dislocated Irishness: Nation, Race, and the Politics of Contemporary Irish-American Identity Fiction