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Frau Dr. Carolin Gebauer



Nr. 04 im roten Metallcontainer auf Ebene O.07.

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Short CV:

Carolin Gebauer is a lecturer at the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Wuppertal and a postdoctoral researcher at Wuppertal’s Center for Narrative Research. Her research focuses on contemporary English fiction, historical and contemporary representations of mobility across media, storytelling as cultural practice, and postclassical narratology (particularly cognitive, rhetorical, and cultural narratology). Carolin Gebauer is part of the Horizon 2020 project OPPORTUNITIES, which explores narratives on migration and integration in the European public sphere. She is the author of Making Time: World Construction in the Present-Tense Novel (De Gruyter, 2021) and a member of the executive team of DIEGESIS, a bilingual interdisciplinary e-journal dedicated to narrative research.

In October 2021, Carolin Gebauer became a research fellow of the Young ZiF of the Center for Interdsiciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld.

My profile on the website of the University's Center for Graduate Studies (CGS):

Symposium “Agency, Community, Kinship — Representations of Migration Beyond Victimhood”
Call for Papers

Horizon 2020 Project: "Crises as OPPORTUNITIES: Towards a Level Telling Field on Migration and a New Narrative of Successful Integration":
See also the press release at the University's main page.

DIEGESIS: Interdisciplinary E-Journal for Narrative Research:

AG "Erzählforschung," a research group for postdocs and (post-)graduate students affiliated with Wuppertal's Center for Narrative Research (CNR):


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Making Time: World Construction in the Present-Tense Novel

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