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  • Erstsemester 2017/2018
    Einführungsveranstaltung Anglistik/Amerikanistik [mehr]
  • Sprechstunden in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit
    Hier finden Sie die Sprechstunden in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit des Sommersemesters 2017[mehr]
  • Informationen zur Modulabschlussprüfung Sprachpraxis A II (25.09.2017)
    Informationen zur Modulabschlussprüfung Sprachpraxis A II[mehr]
  • CI MAP Prüfungstermine September/Oktober 2017
    Die Prüfungstermine für die CI MAP im September/Oktober 2017 finden Sie hier.[mehr]
  • Informationen zum Forschungsprojekt im MEd GymGeBK und G
    Powerpoint zur Infoveranstaltung vom 24.7.2017[mehr]

PD Dr. Astrid Haas

(0202) 439 5105

Sprechstunden Sommersemester 2017:

Mi, 19. 4. 11 – 12 h
Mi, 26. 4. 14 – 15 h

ab Mai:
Montags 16 – 17 h

Keine Sprechstunde an folgenden Terminen: 1. 5., 5. 6., 12. 6.  

Nr. 04 im roten Metallcontainer auf Ebene O.07.




2/2016 Habilitation (Postdoctoral Degree), North American Literary and Cultural Studies, Bielefeld University, Germany

2007: Ph.D., English and American Studies, University of Münster, Germany

2000: M.A., Art History, English and American Studies, History, University of Münster


Academic Career

2011-2014: Postdoctoral Researcher in American Studies, Bielefeld University; Directed DFG Project Narrative Constructions of Texas; Research Stays in Austin, TX, and Mexico City

Since 10/2015: Lecturer in American Studies, University of Wuppertal

2014-2015: Lecturer in American Studies, Bielefeld University

2011-2014: Postdoctoral Researcher in American Studies, Bielefeld University; Research Stays in Austin, TX, and Mexico City

2011: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Bielefeld University

2007-2010: Postdoctoral Research Group Assistant, research group E Pluribus Unum?—Ethnic Identities in Transnational Integration Processes in the Americas, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Bielefeld University

2004: Lecturer in English and American Literature, University of Münster; Ph.D. Research Stay in New York City


Selected Publications


Lone Star Vistas: Con­structions of Texas in U.S. American, Mexican, and German Travel Narratives,1821–1861 (manuscript completed, publication in preparation)

Stages of Agency: The Contributions of American Drama to the AIDS Discourse. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2011.

Edited Volumes:

Ed. and contrib. The Harlem Renaissance from an Americas Perspective. Special Issue of FIAR: Forum for Inter-American Research 7.2 (July 2014).

Ed. and contrib, with María Herrera-Sobek. Transfrontera: Transnational Perspectives on the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands. Special Issue of The American Studies Journal 57 (May 2012).


“From Göttingen to Galveston: Travel Writing and German Migration to Texas, 1830-1848.” Migration in Context: Literature, Culture and Language. Ed. Marcus Hartner and Marion Schulte. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2016. 135-51.

“Mexican Travelers and the ‘Texas Question,’ 1821-1836.” Hemispheric Encounters: The Early United States in a Transnational Perspective. Ed. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramírez and Markus Heide. Frankfurt/M.: Lang, 2016. 117-32.

“Un continente ‘de color’: Langston Hughes y América Latina.” Key Tropes in Inter-American Studies: Perspectives from The Forum of Inter-American Research. Ed. Wilfried Raussert et al. Trier: WVT; Tempe: Bilingual, Press, 2015. 265-80.

“A Changing Game: Ethnicity, Gender, and Nation in the U.S. American Soccer Film.” Comparative American Studies 12.4 (December 2014). 301-15.

“Between Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny: Spanish American Travel Narratives of Jacksonian America.” Mobile Narratives: Travel, Migration, and Transculturation. Ed. Eleftheria Arapoglu, Mónika Fodor, and Jopi Nyman. New York: Routledge, 2014. 30-42.

“United on the Playing Field? Ethnic and Race Relations in U.S. American Youth Team Sports Films.” New World Colors: Ethnicity, Belonging, and Difference in the Americas. Ed. Josef Raab. Trier: WVT; Tempe, AZ: Bilin­gual Press, 2014. 247-65.

“Remedial Laughter: American Stage Comedy about AIDS.” Communicating Disease: Cultural Representa­tions of American Medicine. Ed. Carmen Birkle and Johanna Heil. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2013. 243-64.

“Worte als Waffe, Theater als Therapie: Der Beitrag der Literatur zur Wahrnehmung von AIDS.” Gesellschaft braucht Wissenschaft—Wissenschaft braucht Gesellschaft: Mobilität, Kommunikation, Interaktion. Ed. Ludwig Schultz et al. Stuttgart: Thieme, 2013. 171-86.

“Borderlands Identities and Borderlands Ideologies in Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop.” Transfrontera: Transnational Perspectives on the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands. Ed. Astrid Haas and María Herrera-Sobek. The American Studies Journal 57 (May 2012):

“A Continent of Color: Langston Hughes and Spanish America.” Expanding Latinidad. Ed. Luz Angélica Kirschner. Trier: WVT; Tempe, AZ: Bilingual Press, 2012. 177-94.

“Canon y Cálculo: Jaime Escalante, Richard Rodriguez y el debate educativo latino entre asimilación y multiculturalismo.” FIAR: Forum for Inter-Amer­ican Research 4.1 (May 2011).

“Latin Skillz: The Fusion of Rap, Film, and Sport in the Mainstreaming of U.S. Latina/o Culture.” Cornbread and Cuchifritos: Ethnic Identity Politics, Transnationalization, and Transculturation in American Urban Popular Music. Ed. Michelle Habell-Pallán and Wilfried Raussert. Trier: WVT; Tem­pe, AZ: Bilingual Press, 2011. 151-66.

“A Raisin in the East: African American Civil Rights Drama in GDR Scholarship and Theater Practice.” Germans and African Americans: Two Cen­turies of Exchange. Ed. Larry A. Greene and Anke Ortlepp. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2011. 166-84.

“Discourses of Belonging: Language and Identities in Gay Asian American Drama.” Moving Migration: Narrative Transformations in Asian American Literature. Ed. Johan­na C. Kardux and Doris Einsiedel. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2010. 139-60.

“‘To Russia and Myself’: Claude McKay, Langston Hughes, and the Soviet Union.” Transatlantic Negotiations. Ed. Christa Buschendorf and Astrid Franke. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2007. 111-31.

“Coloring the Crisis: Representations of Blackness in American AIDS Drama.” Complexions of Race: The African Atlantic. Ed. Fritz Gysin and Cindy Hamilton. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2005. 139-55.