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School placements abroad? - PrimA

PrimA! Praktikum im Ausland

Welcome to the webpages of the TEFL PrimA (Schul-Praktikum im Ausland) programme. If you are studying English at the Department of English and American Studies with the aim of becoming a teacher of English, and if you are considering a stay abroad as one of the practical components of your bachelor’s degree, then you have found your way to the right place on the web.


Every year around May or June (the exact dates are to be found both in the ‘News’ section and on our departmental noticeboard) applications may be made for a place on the PrimA programme. Before you decide to make an application, you are cordially invited to read what follows – which will answer your questions about the scheme.


DSGVO information sheet for an application for Erasmus+

Students who apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship are asked to take notice of the following information sheet.


Important information on how to apply for a school placement abroad in 2019:


Statement to be submitted with your application

Sprachpraxis courses to be handed in with your application

Information on Sprachpraxis priorisation for PrimA participants in the winter term


Please, note! The application period ends on 3rd June.

You will also find the Project PrimA on Facebook!