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  • Prof. Rennhak ist neue Präsidentin der EFACIS
    (European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies) [more]
  • Studying abroad
    Die nächste Infoveranstaltung zu "Studying abroad" findet am 21. Oktober 2019 um 18.15 Uhr in... [more]
  • Be Prepared! For Oral Exams, Research Papers and Theses.
    Forschungskolloquium Fachdidaktik [more]
  • Profil Grundschule im Optionalbereich, Veranstaltungen im WS 2019-20
    Kombi-Ba Bilingualer Sachfachunterricht [more]
  • C1 MAP September/Oktober 2019 "Wer wird wo geprüft?"
    Die Informationen zu den Räumen in denen geprüft wird finden Sie hier. [more]
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Together with literary and cultural studies, linguistics belongs to the core of English and American studies. English linguistics at the University of Wuppertal examines the English language in its current state, its many variants and its historical development.

Faculty expertise includes morphology, syntax, prosodic phonology, contrastive linguistics, the theory and analysis of information structure, and historical linguistics. Research in these areas is grounded in an extensive theoretical foundation, to the development of which it seeks to contribute.

Language theories and models, the analysis of varieties of English, and the comparison of English with German are the foci of the curriculum, which is rounded off by courses on phonology and pragmatics. More information on teaching and research can be found on the instructors’ webpages.